No to Unemployment Programme (MY-NTU) For Unemployed Graduates of Higher Institutions of All Disciplines.

The NTU-EL programme is an experiential learning based programme specifically designed for graduates of any discipline that is unemployed post – graduation and post NYSC. Recent research suggest that most graduates “do not think for a living, they only do things for a living”, an attitude that is rooted in the culture of something for nothing easy money making syndrome, borne out of lack of value creation and entrepreneurial innovative acumen.

The programme is therefore structured such that participants will be equipped with relevant employability and entrepreneurial skills set that will ensure they can compete and become successful in this knowledge driven environment. As Aristotle advised “ the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them” The programme is designed for those who really want to succeed as it is very engaging, demanding and involves a lot of hard work. There is no age barrier, nor gender discrimination however every participant must be prepared to abide by certain professional codes.

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