Becoming Successful Post Graduation (my – BSPG) experiential learning based programme was developed with a view to equipping and positioning the final year graduating students of higher institutions and serving NYSC with relevant employable skills for successful transition into the real world of work, business and other vocation. The aim is to produce graduates that are men and women of value, whom have learnt the rules of the game and are prepared to work hard to do better than others. The programme which incorporates various lifelong employable and entrepreneurial skill set, is experiential learning based, which ensures participants develop entrepreneurial acumen and imbibe both local and international best practices that will enable them to compete in the current knowledge driven society.
The programme is made up of 12 modules but divided into 4 distinct experiential learning points:

  1. Discovering yourself,
  2. Making an Informed Choice
  3. Life Long tacit knowledge and Entrepreneurial Skills Acquisition booth camp style hands – on activities and
  4. Competence and Employability Work Ready Routine and Project Evaluations

At the end of the programme each participant will have an awareness of the skills and attributes required for success in the current entrepreneurial and knowledge driven society. The programme will also enable a paradigm shift in individual thinking mind-set ensuring participants are work ready and able to take responsibility of their future. A new generation whom are not focused on money making or waiting for handouts but focused producing value and creating wealth.

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