The IBSPG is the most exciting programme on offer. It was designed with the new generation of Internet & E-Learning (i&e) workforce of the 21st century in mind. They are the future of Africa, majority of whom may usher in the 22nd century. Their programme was designed bearing in mind how they love to learn, interact and aspire to do business. Their ever evolving curriculum is targeted at undergraduates’ students from their 2 years, first year HND students of polytechnics and final year students of colleges of education, schools of nursing etc.


Drawing inspiration form Confucius 450 BC, suggestion; “ Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I may remember, Involve me and I will understand ” The objective of the programme is to catch them young by involving them in experiential reflective behaviour modification entrepreneurial activities. This will enable us to build a new tribe of value oriented value driven and value focused workforce, ready to take responsibility of their learning and future A new generation whom are not focused on money making but producing value.

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