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KPEAI was established with a view to build a new generation of African workforce that would be value oriented, value driven and value focused equipped with life long employability and entrepreneurial skill set. With the reported high levels of youth and graduate unemployment across Africa largely due to a penchant for white collar job borne out of lack of value creation and entrepreneurial innovative acumen.

Our research suggest that traditional higher institutions pedagogy or teaching methods does not train African graduates how to THINK nor coach themselves in a way that enables them to escape the snare of unemployment that seem so inevitable. We at KPEAI Education Foundation seek to re-orientate the unemployed graduates of Africa as well as ensure students that are about to graduate from various higher institutions in Africa are equipped with skills that will enable them to succeed in the current highly competitive business and employment market.

The Lifelong employability and entrepreneurial skills acquired during our booth camp style experiential learning programme enables smooth transition from university into the world of work, ensuring that majority of the participants are not caught up in the unemployment labour market. We seek individuals, corporate bodies, institution of higher learning and governments to partner with us in our bid to produce value oriented workforce for Africa.

Our take off point is Nigeria where we have already commenced work with the successful graduation of the entire pioneer 2015/2016 4th year graduating students of Elizade University Ilara Mokin Ondo State South West Nigeria West Africa. See our photo gallery for more details. We are already in discussions with other institutions of higher learning in Nigeria with a view of equipping their graduating students with relevant skills that will ensure their smooth transition into the real world of work.

We also aim to set up educational institutions across Africa that will enhance, equip and expose African youths to experiential learning pedagogy style of teaching as against the traditional chalk to board style of teaching in order to ensure they acquire the relevant hands on skills to become more productive, innovative, entrepreneurial and employable.

Come and partner with us today and let us create a more productive and innovative workforce for Africa of our DREAM.

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